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The Magnetic Entrepreneur Podcast

Nov 24, 2021

Katrina Aronson is a business coach with a major marketing twist. She works with beginning to mid-stage creative entrepreneurs who want to scale to six figures with simplified marketing strategies that don’t break the bank.


One of the biggest myths about entrepreneurship is that once you start your business the road is linear. Today we are talking about what happens when your dream biz isn't so dreamy anymore and how to build a business with growth that feels good without the overwhelm of a large team and expensive ads.


In this episode, we chat about

→ Shutting down your dream business, when it's no longer your passion

→ Giving yourself time to grieve and rest before moving on to the next thing

→ How to build your business without overwhelming and spending a lot of money

→ Why it's so important to embrace imperfection

→ The mindset you need to grow your business




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