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The Magnetic Entrepreneur Podcast

Sep 8, 2021

Rachel Weaver is a customer success and marketing strategist for Simplero, an all-in-one platform for coaches and course creators. She left the agency world two years ago on a mission to help more like-minded entrepreneurs and small businesses that aligned with her values. Since then, she's opened her own consulting firm, created her own course, and fell into the arms of Simplero, where she works with dozens of clients to set their online business up for success from day 1 on the platform.
In this episode, Rachel shares why she left the agency world and how tried different entrepreneurial ventures before finding that what worked for her. Working for Simplero while also running her marketing business, Resilient Marketing, has given her the chance to work she loves helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses.
What we chat about:
→ Why passive income isn't so passive, but very lucrative
→ The future of online courses
→ Tips for selling your online course