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The Magnetic Entrepreneur Podcast

Jul 15, 2021

We talk about why it's important to set goals and invest in the lifestyle that you really want. Nicole shares how she found herself growing her business but not bringing home more money. She uses this experience to help entrepreneurs avoid this so they can grow their business and their bank account. Nicole gives us actionable tips for creating more wealth and investing in our future.
In this episode, you will learn
→ Why the lack of financial security is so common among small business owners- even those who have crossed into six and multiple six figures
→ Why the same financial plan doesn't work for everyone
→ How to create goals and a strategy that will create your vision of success
→ How you can have a lifestyle you enjoy while still investing in your financial future
→ How Nicole found herself growing her business, but not bringing home more money and how she helps her clients avoid this same trap.
→ Tips for creating the lifestyle and future you want