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The Magnetic Entrepreneur Podcast

May 14, 2018

Shelly is a business coach, content writer, and brand strategist, and the Co-Founder of The Look & The Feel, a full-service branding studio. She also hosts the popular show, Painiac, the podcast about living well even when life hurts. The blend of her interests and background results in a gentle approach to taking care and living and working with intention and authenticity. Shelly has an MBA and is a certified professional coach. She lives on Lummi Island, WA, with her husband and their very fluffy cat.

Shelly shares how she was able to not only thrive after breaking her when her doctors told her a wheelchair was as good as it gets, but build a business that supported her journey to feeling better. Get shelly’s tips on being an advocate for your health and how to feel better doing what you love.